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Very Merry Christmas mini - Lovely Mini for round 4

Вдохновение к нашему СП "Lovely mini - 2"   от дизайнера Lexi Karamel

Hohoho! Christmas is coming nearer with giant steps! And slowly but surly I'm getting into Christmas mood - so I decided to make a cute little Christmas mini for the 4th round of the Lovely Mini Challenge. Naturally with the amazing Christmas collection 'Merry Christmas' which comes not only with fabulous paper but also chipboards, diecuts, cut out element sheets and the pretty, pretty partly foiled cardstock frames.

Did you spot the beautiful Christmas foliage? The beautiful foiled cardstock frame? The beautiful checked paper? Oh my, just right down my alley!
I used (of course!) a piece of packaging, this time part of a cardboard Ama*** packaging for the cover. Cover that with paper and there you are!

Inside I created kind of a loose hidden binding, which holds three doublesided 5"x5" (~13cm2) pages for me to decorate. I just had to keep the limited space between the pages in mind and not get too crazy with the layering.

That's were those pretty Cardstock frames really came in handy and not just because of their prettyness! 
They're cute but don't add a lot of dimension although they look like the 'real thing'.

Plus they are really fun too! When I started to separate the different pieces I didn't think of throwing the in-between layers away but quite contrary, I used a few in my album!

Oh, and by the way- I hope you saw all the cute forest animals peeking out from the frames? I'm seriously in love! <3

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