четверг, 21 ноября 2019 г.

Automnal folio - "Mini lovely 2" colored chipboards

Hi everyone,

Today, it is me, Charlotte Bouchet, who inspires you for this second stage for the "Lovely mini 2".I present you a mini folio automnal album which measures 15 x 15cm. I loved working with the colors of the "Funny friends" collection. The little animals are adorable !

The album closes with a magnetic clasp.

Let's discover together the album's interior !

I used a card with some die cuts and a colored chipboard. 

When unfolding the flap, we discover a frame to slide a photo.

Let's continue to unfold the pages. This time, we find a bridge a bridge under which hides a photobook. We can slide 4 photos.

Then, I created an enveloppe with orange tracing paper.

In the center, we can see a double pop-up. 
Interactivity brings a playful side to the creation.

I have prepared a video presentation of the album:

I wish you beautiful creations, we look forward to seeing your work.

 Материалы коллекции "Funny Friends"

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