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Simple Christmas card with the Merry Christmas collection

Всем привет!
Это Lexi Karamel
Вы хороши в создании действительно простых открыток? Должен признаться, я совсем не такой. Я всегда хочу идти вразрез и много наслоить и украсить! Но не всем нравится получать тяжелые карточки с украшениями, плюс - их всегда трудно отправить по почте, верно? Вот почему я сделала еще одну попытку с простой открыткой, и прекрасная коллекция "Merry Christmas"  очень помогла!

Hi everyone!
Are you good at making really simple cards? I must confess I'm not at all. I always want to go elaborate and to layer and embellish a lot! But not everybody likes to receive heavy embellished cards - plus - it's always difficult to mail those, right? That's why I gave it one more try to stay simple and the beautiful Merry Christmas collection helped a lot!

I just layered to different paper designs on top of each other, trimmed one of the little cards..

..and added a few fussycut elements. Isn't the wreath peaking out from under the card so pretty?

It's then finished with a little tag I cut from a scrappiece of paper and a chipboard element. Loved this one, great color and great script!

And because I promised myself to really keep it simple I stopped at this point.
So, mission accomplished, I'd say!

Wanna watch the simple making of this card? Then go here!
I don't talk in the process video so it's fit for everybody!

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