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Funny Friends kids' mixed page styles album

Lexi Karamel 

Cuteness alert! I created a little mini with the funny friends collection for (little and grown up) kids. My personal goal was to use as little additonal stuff as possible apart from the collection to use it's potential to the fullest.

This went as far as making even some paper beads from scraps..

I mixed different styles of pages - handmade envelopes in different styles, pockets, flip out pages - all made from the designpaper!

The inside isn't decorated that much, absoluty untypical for me! But I guess that's because of the pretty busy pretty patterned paper - so much to look at already! <3

But of course I had to use at least some of the embellishments (: wouldn't be me otherwise..

A few diecuts and chipboards are a must, cute as they are!

Because I can't sew for the life of me, I drew fake stitching to enhance the cuteness just a little more.

As a final touch I added some stamped words. And do you know how to stamp even with a cheap, crappy stamp set? Yes, exactly, not possible. That's why I stamped extra crazy crooked and this way I really really did like it!
Hope you do too!
Until next time (:

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