среда, 18 марта 2020 г.

Baby girl mini album - Dream - Challenge #3/2020 -little animals

Привет всем) это  Charlotte !
Пришла показать вам мини-альбом для задания "little animal"
Я выбрала коллекцию "Daddy's Princess"  - она прекрасна для работ для маленьких девочек( 

Hi everybody!

It's Charlotte !

I show you in more details the baby girl mini album for the challenge "little animal". I have chosen the Daddy's Princess paper. The cubs are adorable and the colors are perfect for a girl! A lot of pink ...

 There is a big pocket with the 12 month cards (and other cards) to write the evolution of the baby :

In the middle, we can put one photo per month of the baby.
On the left, a beautiful frame to insert the favorite photo !

I hope you enjoy this album and make you want to test these papers !

See you soon !

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