понедельник, 2 марта 2020 г.

Нежная свадебная открытка - Delicate wedding card

Привет всем)
Я решила приготовить вот такую свадебную открытку в честь начала весны) Для моей первой попытки я решила выбрать коллекцию "BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS". Она такая нежная и так здорово подходит! Я абсолютно влюблена в неё!

Hello everyone, 

I decided to prepare some wedding cards, since the season for them is about to start. For my first card I chose BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS collection. It’s so delicate and subtle, I’m absolutely in love with it. And I love the sheet with small elements and leaves the most of all.

I don’t use paper dies so these leaves are just perfect to cut out. My composition is obviously enriched with white and pink flowers as well as with embossing leaves.

 Finally, I added some tiny white beading and, as always, glitter.
All the best, 

Коллекция "Beautiful Moments":

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