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Круглая страничка. Layout/Circle frame with the Merry Christmas collection

Всем привет! Это Lexi Karamel 

Первоначально у меня была страничка обычной формы из коллекции  "Merry Christmas", но потом я вспомнил, что у меня осталась внутренняя кольцевая часть пялец для вышивания, поэтому я немного все изменила)

Hi everyone!
Originaly I had a layout with the "Merry Christmas" collection in mind, but then I remembered I had the inner ring part of a embroidery hoop left, so I went for kind of a circle frame - layout mixed project.

 I simply glued the ring to a sheet of paper. The main focal point will of course be the picture which can be clipped onto the photomat. To make it stand out even more I stacked some jude, some natural fibers and a beautiful piece of the designpapier (my favorite of this collection I guess! (: ) on top of each other.

Then came the best part- the decorating! All the different embellishments from the collection came to use! Die cuts, a ticket, a cardstock frame and of course tons of fussycut pieces from the cut out sheets. I even managed to sneak the collection's name from the info stripe in there!

And a few butterflies from the butterfly sheet as well! The frame then got finished with some things from my stash and cute little glitter dots on the rim.

I like the dimension it has because of all the layering and I really had to stop myself from going overboard and adding more and more of the beautiful collection's embellishment elements. I now debate putting a little charm on to the clip..
Let's see what happens.. (;

If you want to watch the making of process, click here.
I don't talk in it so it doesn't matter which language you're speaking. (:


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