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Written tutorial: A heart frame for Valentinesday

Привет) с вами Lexi Karamel и мой новый проект СЕРДЦЕ ко дню Святого Валентина)

Hi everyone!
I love altering things and with Valentinesday approaching I decided to alter a small wooden heart shaped frame. Since my phone decided not to record the making of this little project in video let me at least give you a short description of what I've done here!

First I traced the frame on a pretty sheet of designpaper, cut it out and glued it into the top of the frame. I used the cut out inside as the photo mat for the inside of the frame.

The base covered I cut the trimming of one of the chipboard frames to have a frame which had the dimensions I imagined. This border got glued in an angle on top of the heart. Now my favorite part - the decorating! I simply layered many images from the cut out sheet and the cardstock diecuts  and added a few dimensional flowers. To be able to move the pieces around a bit after putting glue on them and sticking them onto the frame I used a strong colorless glue ..which is solvent based. I had nail polish on my nails.. I'm sure you can already imagine what happened. And yes, exactly! The nail polish peeled of my nails because of the glue's solvent and you may admire the result on the little text on the heart's bottom. But anyway, think positiv - at least it's red! So be warned glue with solvent and nail polish is a big NONO! :D

Back to the frame - all what was left to do after adding all the pretty pieces was to finish this with a small chipboard piece, some butterflies from the same collection and some golden micro beads in a few spots.

I had so much fun creating another project with the beautiful Charming collection  and I really hope you do to!

See the collection here:

Материалы коллекции "Charming"

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