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Post with video: altered envelope for a 'Liebesbrief' with Blue&Blush

Всем привет!
С вами Lexi Karamel 

Вы увлекаетесь поэзией, писательством и журналингом?
Я сделала конверт для «Liebesbrief», это с немецкого "любовное письмо". Писать любимому человеку любовное письмо - это такая романтическая вещь! И вы также можете написать один для вашего дорогого друга или близкого родственника.

Hi everyone!
Are you into poetry, writing and journaling?
I altered an envelope for a 'Liebesbrief', that's German for love letter. Writing your loved one a love letter is such a romantic thing! And you could also write one for your dearest friend or closes relative.

Altering an envelope is simple. Either make an envelope yourself or just use a  readymade one from your stash. Because I didn't have the 12x12 paper I opted for the second possibility and used a plain white one, which I covered first with a sheet from the beautiful collection. I chose a  more simple design because I wanted to decorate it some more myself.

And that I did! I layered roses and leaves from the cutout sheet and the diecuts and the little chipboard piece with the swan even got framed.

To that arrangement I added a few pieces which I diecut myself from the soft pink sheet.
The other side of the envelope is clearly much more simple because I wanted to be able to open and close it without difficulties.

And that's it - another easy but pretty project! At least I think so (:
So let us know if you give it try and create a beautiful envelope for your Liebesbrief yourself. And with Valentinesday approaching it's a little gift which really comes from the heart and I'm sure the recipient will treasure it for life!


In this video you can watch me create this project! I don't talk in it, so no language barriers at all (:

And here you'll find the collection I used, it's the lovely Blue&Blush collection:

Materials collection "Blue & Blush"

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  1. Чудесный конвертик! В таком только о самом сокровенном и нежном отправлять) Спасибо за вдохновение!