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Altered wooden XMAS with the Merry Christmas collection

Уже вечером Рождество!
В Германии Рождество - это БОЛЬШОЕ дело, все любят проводить уютные часы с семьей и / или друзьями, вместе есть и дарить подарки. Нам всем в это время понравятся какие-нибудь новогодние украшения! В итоге я сделала XMAS деревянными буквами и изменила их с помощью удивительной коллекции "Merry Christmas".

Only a few days and it's Christmas! In Germany Christmas is a big thing, everybody loves to spend some cozy hours with family and/or friends, to eat together and to give gifts in the evening of the 24th of december. I learned that in Ukraine and Russia it's not that big, but I hope you like to see some Christmas decoration anyway! To complete mine I spelled XMAS with wooden letters and altered these with the amazing Merry Christmas collection.

I love the mix of traditional colors with the brown, black and white in this collection. All letters are covered with paper and glued on to a piece of cardboard.

Then I decorated with a mixture of all the beautiful embellishments which are available with the paper - pieces to cut out, diecuts, chipboards, frames.. All the floral elements are so pretty! And it makes decorating so easy and fun!

For the wintery feel I added a bit of an icelike paste and as kind of an 'homage' to a traditional Christmas tree some chain and a few charms.

Well.. that's it! It just doesn't need that much to look pretty - beautiful paper, beautiful embellishments and something to put those on and you are done (: It's also a great way to use your scraps!
If you wanna see exactly how this was done,
Watch the process video of putting this piece together :

I don't talk in it - so no need to understand foreign languages!


These ScrapMir materials were used to create this piece:

Материалы коллекции "Merry Christmas":

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