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Замок с шейкером из "Unicorns collection" + ВИДЕО от Lexi Karamel

Привет, с вами Lexi Karamel 
Иногда я так рада, что я девушка! Одна из причин в том, что мне очень нравится розовый цвет и сказочные вещи. И единороги! И блеск! И ... вы уже поняли, верно?
Вот почему у меня была припрятана эта рамка в форме замка в моем тайнике. 
А с Challenge #2/20 - Pink у меня была прекрасная причина превратить его в милую волшебную сказочную сцену, даже шейкер)

Sometimes I'm so glad I'm a girl! One of the reasons is that I really like pink (: And fairytale stuff. And unicorns. And glitter. And ..you already got it, right? (; That's why I had this castle shaped picture frame in my stash. And with the Pink Color challenge I had the perfect reason to alter it into a cute, magic fairytale scene. Even including a shaker <3

Since it came in a pretty pale pink color and I had no pink paper anyway, I focused on using pink embellishments from the unicorn collection. No worries there - it's such a lovely, cute collection that there were more than enough options I could choose from. I decided to use cardstock diecuts and a card and words from the cut out sheets.

The place for the picture was turned into a shaker to showcase one of the cards with a cute saying. That was easy since it came with a glas cover so I could just pop a few pink shaker things inbetween the glass and the back over.

Together with a few pieces from my stash I turned this kind of pretty but boring frame into a fun, girlish, fairytale-ish and cute little decorative piece! And pretty easy to create as well.

I'm excited to see your pink projects as well!


I recorded the creating process as well, have fun watching it!

And this is the collection I used in this project:

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