вторник, 24 декабря 2019 г.

Simple Christmas card for men with the Merry Christmas collection

Lexi Karamel 

Hello! It's Christmas time and every year there seems to be the same thing - I have to make some Christmas cards for guys! ..well that means nothing playful, significantly less flowers, nothing colorful, no glitter, no flitter.. You got it! (And I guess, you've the exact same issues (; )
But there is the ScrapMir Merry Christmas collection, wich I am so thankful for. It's beautiful and it's so versatile that it fits both, man or woman! Now I just had to keep it simple..

Keeping it simple is not really my cup of tea, buuut..

..I find I totally nailed it! Nothing fancy, really simple layering, I just tried to let the paper speak for itself. (and how it does speak! It's so pretty!)
So what do you think?

If you wanna watch me:

As always I don't talk in the video so there won't be any language barriers!

All ScrapMir materials used in this little project:

Материалы коллекции "Merry Christmas":

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