среда, 12 февраля 2020 г.

Wedding album - Tenderness - with Charlotte Bouchet

Hello everybody ! 

It's Charlotte !! To face the rainy weather, I wanted to create an album full of sweetness. I chose the magnificent "Tenderness" collection, perfect for honoring wedding photos.
The album consists of 10 pages and measures 20x20cm.

For the first page, I chose to add a flap with a frame. I used the pretty wood background paper.
For the other page, I cut a heart out of a paper which I used to decorate and maintain photo places.

For the third page, I created a mobile decoration with a magnet. 

I really like the shaker so I absolutely wanted to slip one into this album. The theme is love, it's a heart-shaped shaker.

Then, I made a flap in the shape of a semicircle. I really like it! I was able to paste a circle frame from the collection.

For the last two pages, I used one of the feelings to hold my photo seats. There is also a small pocket to put a tag on it ! 
Finally, a small envelope hidden behind a frame on the last page!

See you soon !

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